No Fees, No Interest

Interest-free loans payable over 36 months.
Get up to $300.

Small Loans for Big Moments

We know repayments can be hard and that’s why we give you up to 36 months to pay off your loans.   Whether you need a loan for moving costs,  repairs, or utilities;  we have you covered.

No Credit Check

Easy. Fast. No Credit Check. Simply sign up to get started. Your interest free loan is just a click away!

Learn and Earn with Us

Use EQL Learning to increase your money management skills and earn account credit. Complete learning modules and we will deduct payments from your loan balance. EQL Chat tracks your spending, provides coupons for items you purchase,  and shows you how to save money!  

Flex Pay for Free

Bundling and anonymizing user data allows us to generate revenue without charging unwanted fees or interest on your loan. This same model gives us the opportunity to offer you flexible repayment periods of up to 36 months at no extra cost!

Sign up

When you sign up with eql to receive an interest free loan, we provide a website login and a downloadable desktop plug-in.

Data exchange

We sell your anonymous data and web history to marketers, which allows us to offer you an interest free loan.

Pay it back

Pay back your loan of up to $300.00 for as little as $9 a month for 36 months.  

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How it works

What happens with the data?

The data we collect is stored in a secure database, anonymized, and broken into categories. Your name and personal information is removed and the data can not be traced back to you. The data is then shared with our research partners.

Who can view the anonymous data?

Our goal is to help answer as many research questions as possible, which is why we work with various partners with different questions. These include Market Research Firms, Hedge Funds, Advertisers & more. While these researchers may view the data provided, we guarantee that they will never be able to trace it back to you.

Why we sell data

Our mission is to help people with unexpected expenses by providing interest free loans with no fees. Getting paid to answer research questions allows us to keep our operations running smoothly without having to charge our customers.